Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor snoop
Subject :/|\ Joining the Druids
Date :4/30

              So you have found us, have you?
                    Why did you come?
   Curiosity? Or a need for a knowledge greater than yourself?
        That which you cannot find in cities and such?

Here is where you truly begin to understand what the forest has to offer. Take what you must from her, but remember, submit something in return. She does not take kindly to those who use her wares without permission. Sometimes the path is longer than we think, but truth can be found!

Not everyone is born to be a Druid. There are certain qualities one must possess: patience, loyalty, honor, observation skills, a respectful manner, a thirst for further knowledge; simple things when listed, perhaps, but those are essential qualities for a Druid.

Perhaps you feel that you possess some of these qualities. Perhaps you feel that Nature beckons to you during the day and whispers to you in your sleep. Is it only within Nature herself that you find peace?  

If you feel that you are a Druid at heart, if not by title, perhaps you may be led to seek us out. If you wish to learn further of us first, it is recommended that you read through the Tomes of the Earth. Therein lays much information, if one only looks. You can also learn about us in other ways.

After doing this, if you believe this is truly the path you are to walk and you are prepared to work for this, then contact one of our guides, also known as Mystics (you may find a list of our guides in our scroll, Tomes of the Earth).

You will need to send one of them a letter outlining why you wish to join the path, perhaps some of your history that has led you to this decision, and any other relevant information. ~

~Must be at least level 50 Poet.
~Must have knowledge of the path - what we do and what we stand for.
~No arrests or negative brands will be accepted.
~Must have -patience- in all things. This is not a process to be rushed through - it will take time.
~Your application is to be sent to only ONE Guide. If this is not followed, your application will be disregarded.))

May nature guide you on the path you are destined to follow.

/|\ The Druids

              _(_)_                          wWWWw   _
  @@@@       (_)@(_)   vVVVv     _     @@@@  (___) _(_)_
 @@()@@ wWWWw  (_)\    (___)   _(_)_  @@()@@   Y  (_)@(_)
  @@@@  (___)     `|/    Y    (_)@(_)  @@@@   \|/   (_)\
   /      Y       \|    \|/    /(_)    \|      |/      |
\ |     \ |/       | / \ | /  \|/       |/    \|      \|/
  |//   \\|///  \\\|//\\\|/// \|///  \\\|//  \\|//  \\\|//