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Author :Poet Tutor snoop
Subject :(\/) Joining the Muses
Date :4/30

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     `,` What is a Muse? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 The definition of a Muse is an elusive one. We are not
 merely entertainers, poets, or writers. We are all of these
 things, and more! Muses are the epitome of creativity,
 inspiration, and culture. Our lives are devoted to the
 perfection of our individual, distinct arts. Founded in
 the 21st year of King Yuri's reign by GuardianIV, the Muse
 Guild of Buya is a tightly-knit family of those who follow
 the Nine Muse Goddesses. We are currently being whipped into
 shape by our Maestra, Aelis.

 Interested? To learn more about us, buy a copy of "Graced
 by the Muse" from your local library!

     `,` What do Muses do? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 The Muses are masters of show business, and we prove our
 talents to the community every day! On top of the contests
 and games other clans and subpaths boast, we often hold
 dazzling acts of theatrical splendor. Muses aim to please
 and live to spread culture, as well as entertainment.

  In the past, the Guild has also hosted the Revels to Riches
 poetry contest. Under Lokira's reign as Maestra, the Revels
 was given up to the gods. However, we still enjoy poetry
 very much and host many other poetic events.

 Muses over the insight of 85 also have the ability to dye
 your clothing. The colors we offer are Summer (green),
 Autumn (purple), Winter (blue), Ancient (tan), Blood (red),
 Earth, the 8 arena dyes, and our new majestic Parnassus
 Purple. The standard fee for these dyes are 1000 coins or a
 gold acorn, but many Muses charge more, less, or even not at
 all! However, our special dark purple dye is very pricey to
 mix, and costs 10,000 coins - a small price to pay for
 such a fine quality of color.

     `,` How do I become a Muse?  - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 To join the Buyan Muse Guild, a poet must first audition.
 The basis of an audition is the performance of the Muse
 aspirant's ORIGINAL work (story, poem, play, etc.).
 Afterward, a panel of Muses ask the aspirant several
 questions in order to determine whether or not the
 individual possesses the talent and drive of a true Muse,
 as well as to test his or her knowledge of the Guild's

 Public auditions are held occasionally. Keep an eye on the
 Community Events board if you're interested. You may also
 schedule a private audition with any guide. If you do not
 pass your audition, you may try again in two weeks' time.
 If you pass, your apprenticeship begins and you must face
 challenging trials of culture and creativity. ANY poet may
 audition, but only those above the 50th insight are walked.

 (( A list of available Master Muses is available here:

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                                         Moondrops Sinclaire
                                    & The Muse Guild of Buya

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