Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor snoop
Subject :Hand item attributes
Date :9/13

  There comes a time when each poet considers what kind
  of hand items to invest in. Here is a basic explanation
  of what to look for. It's difficult to say what's better
  than what, it depends entirely on your lifestyleTK. Many
  poets disagree on some points that this post covers, and
  this is simply my tutorial.


  Some items are good for PK, but bad for hunting.
  Some items are good for hunting, but bad for PK.
  Others are mediocre for both.

Common poet hand items (99+):

  Purified water, Corrupted ring, Forsaken ring,
  Ruby bracelet, Vortex items.

  What must be considered is the item's AC, stats,
  protection, and will. There are other attributes but for
  a poet those are the basic important ones.


  AC: This is the hand item's armor value. Regardless of
      whether you are dueling or hunting, this attribute
      is important to prevent you from taking too much
      damage. However, if you have enough vitality to
      survive in your hunting caves, it is more important
      in dueling than while gathering exp in a group.

  Stats: While you are in your early stages of your poet
         life, the statistics a hand item gives you are
         quite important, especially in a hunt. Most
         poets need hand items with mana boosts to
         effectively heal and spire their fighters. For
         this, items like New Magus Scrolls are great, as
         they are fairly cheap as far as high-end hand
         items go, and give lots of mana. In a carnage
         event, stats are not as important since you are
         not constantly cycling your fighter.

  Prot: This attribute is famed for it's ability to
        deflect spells. This defense is most important to
        poets in dueling, as it will slightly decrease
        the chance of being dis-sc'ed swiftly.

  Will: Where protection is passive defense, will is the
        active offense. This attribute increases your
        chances of successfully casting a spell which can
        be deflected. During earlier stages (pre-il),
        will can noticeably affect scourge on not only
        other players but monsters as well. However, even
        at the 99th level, a poet can exchange their
        experience for up to 120 will. After this point,
        a poet can easily scourge monsters, and the
        difference can be slightly seen in dueling.


  Obviously, having the most of each category is ideal,
  but as always no item is perfect, and each post must
  pick an item to suit their habbits and budget. I suggest
  you look at the stats at Ruby bracelets, Purified water,
  all Vortex hand items, Corrupted ring, and Forsaken ring.

  Compare them for yourself, and keep in mind the prices.

  My one recommendation is that if you are a fairly new
  player and have more important things to spend your
  wealth on, strongly consider Purified waters. They are
  BoD, but their excellent balance of attributes and
  extremely low price makes them an excellent hand item.

  Also, for prot/will hobbyists, feel free to explore the
  effects of enchanted subpath items such as Insidious
  disks and Inzen drums!

Poet tutor