Board :Poets
Author :Poet Tutor snoop
Subject :How to leave Tangun
Date :10/30

<b>                                 How to leave Tangun
<b>                                 -------------------

  Tangun is a massive city where all young players are
  placed to train and learn about our kingdoms. The
  objective is to practice, learn, and grow stronger
  while getting a better understanding of how the lands

  There are two official ways to leave tangun.

<b>     One:
         Obtain level 50 and visit one of the kingdom
         representatives to move to their territory.

         Koguryo: Visit King MuHyul at ((71, 188))          
         Buya: Visit Princess Lasahn at ((87, 221))
         Nagnang: Visit Prince Kija at ((75, 237))
         Wilderness: Visit Ye-shou at ((90, 238))

<b>     Two:
         Early leave! This is for players who feel
         comfortable and ready for the real world.

         Visit Escape. He is a small green snake
         which slithers around anywhere below the
         last bridge ((82, 160)) and may be hard to

<b>          Must be level 20 or higher. Costs 10'000.

         He will give you a choice of all four

  NOTE: Once you leave for a kingdom, moving between
  one to another costs 20 gold acorns! Choose wisely!