Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Wind Armor Quest
Date :2/26
- Moon quest completed
- Spirit Karma
- Magical net weaved
- Level 96

You must say Legend to Pond before doing this quest AND get a reply. You must start the Wind Quest and make a Magical net for the Sonhi Guard to respond:

1] Say "Legend" to the librarian and make sure that he replies.
2] Go into the Buya Library Caverns.
3] Reach the Fat Sonhi NPC and click him.
4] Go to KaMing's Encampment with Fine Weaving tools.
5] Go to Sya's shop (14/21) and say, "Pass". Read what she says.
6] Say "Pass" again and fork over the weaving tools.
7] Walk to Blood's home (12/45) and say "Seal".
8] Get a Frost Sabre (Doesn't have to be yours) and say "Seal" again to Blood.
9] Head to Gan's shop and say "Pick up armor".
10] Bring Gan a Titanium lance and 4 Fine metal.
11] Say "pick up armor".
12] Say "pick up armor" again.
13] You'll get the Sonhi Pass, now go back to the Fat Sonhi.
14] Click him.. depending on how Nexon has it, he'll either leave you with the pass and let you pass or take your pass and let you pass. Either way, move on to
15] The Inner Caves. Find your way to the room with the big stoney guy, Gloth.
16] Click Gloth.
17] Go to Min's shop (42/45 Hausson) and say, "Virtue".
18] Go to Chul Smith (21/88 Nagnang) and say "Virtue". Bring him a stardrop and say it again.
19] Chul will give you a Star sword. It breaks in one hit and cannot be unequipped. **Do not equip it yet**
19] Go back to Gloth in the Inner Caves. Equip the Star sword.
20] Click Gloth and he will let you Pass.
21] Say "Legend" to the treasure chest
21] Walk down to the bottom of the screen and click the treasure chest. Write down the tune he hums, "Humm dee do dum do hee"
23] Say "Legend" again, just to be sure it works. ^.^
22] Go back to Min and say what he hums.
23] Go to Chu Rua (50/1 Dae Shore) and say what the box hummed. Copy down what the turtle sings. (Be sure to have every letter the same!)
24] Go back to the Treasure chest and sing it. Type all the capitals and commas in their correct spots.
25] Once you sing the song, you'll get the Legend of the Winds 2 (yay)
26] Go to Pond and say "Legend"
27] Between Nexus Hour 6:00 and 10:00, go to Hausson on the Map. Then head south into Northern Shore. Head south again into North Dae Shore.
28] Your Legend of the winds will burn up and mention "Kawlana". Go to Min.
29] Say "Kawlana" to Min. Go to the Sunset Weaver.
30] Say "Kawlana" to the Sunset Weaver. Get 1 Holy ring, 1 Sen glove, 1 Whisper bracelet, 1 Titanium glove, 1 Indigo Potion, and 1 Fine steel dagger.
31] Return and say "Kawlana" to Sunset Weaver again. You'll get Kawlana and lose 100 vitality permanently.
32] Make ANOTHER Kawlana. You need to wait 24 Nexus hours before doing this.
33] Go to the top of Scribe Mountain and say "Wind". You'll be transported to Windy Summit.
34] Do this EXACTLY. Drop the first Kawlana, hit OK on the popup. Drink the second Kawlana. Now drop your Magical net. You will get an item with the graphic of Nectar called "Captured Wind".
35] Get a Master Weaver and Master Tailor (Or higher, if Nexon fixes it) and go back to Min.
36] Say "Weave Wind" and you will have your armor!

[Edited by Melalye]