Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :My Greater Alliance
Date :5/29
    Post number 24 explains how to complete the Greater Alliance quest. This post's purpose is to give a bit more information that helped me out in my first Greater Alliance.

    First, keep recordings of every boss that you kill, the order that you kill them in, and the experience that you recieved each time. You may accidently mix up a Spirit boss with an Avenger.

    I was sure to do this, but when I returned to the rabbit boss, he told me that I had not done all he asked. A few people wished me luck on restarting my quest, but I wasn't about to give up so easily.

    I killed one more of each boss, for a total of six. I returned to the rabbit leader each time begging him to accept my alliance. Each time he turned me down.

    Then just as I was about to give up, I thought that I should travel through the three caves one more time, kill every boss I met up with, and then return to the rabbit leader. I did just that, but only one boss was to be found; the Rooster Avenger in Peck 3. I returned to the rabbit leader and pleaded my case: (Yes, I said this.. I was upset. =/ )

"I listened to your instructions, I killed five of"
"each of the leaders in the 3 caves that you asked"
"Then because you didn't like that, I killed 6 more"
"Then because you didn't like that, I killed 1 more"
"Now, my greater alliance with you is complete"

And he responded..

"You have done well my great champion! It will be an honor to forge a greater alliance with you."

The moral of this story: Do NOT give up and start over from scratch.

If I hadn't seen that Rooster Avenger, I would have killed all 30 again.. Reading this post will hopefully save a few of you from that fate.