Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :/commands
Date :6/16
/help (/h) - explains several commands
/whisper (/tell) (/w) (/t) <name> <message> - send a private message
/clanchat (/clan) (/c) (/g) <message> - send a message to your clan
/subpathchat (/sp) <message> - send a message to your subpath
/shout (/s) <message> - shout a message to everyone around you
/novice (/tutor) (/n) <message> - send a message to the new player channel (Only for tutors and new players)
/random (/roll) <number>-<number> - rolls a random number
/r <message> - archon channel, not to be used except for emergencies

As far as I know, that's all of them. All of them except for /sp and /roll can be done with just one letter, making it much easier to fit text into your macros.

If an NPC player uses /sp you get a pop-up saying that you're not a member of a player run subpath.

If you can find any others like a group channel (/g sends a message to your clan) please send me a letter!