Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Baekho's cunning & Skill up
Date :8/27
    There have been several changes with the spell Baekho's Cunning since I wrote my last post about the spell. The changed mana requirements, changed damage multipliers, changed damage reductions, removal of cunning jump, and the introduction of the PC subpath spell, Skill up, all make the last post quite a bit outdated!

For those unfamiliar with the spells, here's how they work:

    Baekho's cunning and Skill up will replace your fury spells at level 99. These spells automatically grow more powerful as your mana levels rise. The spells last for 938 seconds, or just over 15 minutes. However, the aethers are 150 seconds. Casting the spell again while it is already in effect will boost it up to a more powerful level. If you attempt to cast with less than the required mana, you will stay at your current level and will have to wait 150 seconds at that level before casting again.

    The mana requirements were a bit tricky to figure out. If you have 10,000 mana and cast cunning 1, it will take a total of 7096 mana from you. But if you have 4096 to 7095 mana, it will still work. The magic number of this range is 2,999 less than the maximum amount.
    It is possible to cast a sixth cunning with 262,145 mana. However, there is no improvement from Cunning 5.

The only differences between Baekho's cunning and Skill up are the mana requirements and the sanctuary effect.

                     [Cunning Chart]

              Min. mana   Duration   Multiplier

Cunnning 1:        4,096        938           6x
Cunnning 2:        4,096        788           7x
Cunnning 3:       15,626        638           9x
Cunnning 4:       46,657        488          10x
Cunnning 5:      117,650        338          12x

                     [Skill up Chart]

              Min. mana   Duration   Multiplier

Skill up 1:        4,711        938           6x
Skill up 2:        4,711        788           7x
Skill up 3:       17,960        638           9x
Skill up 4:       53,646        488          10x
Skill up 5:      135,327        338          12x

                    [Damage Reduction]

    The damage reduction or sanctuary effect only applies for Baekho's cunning. It no longer stacks on top of the spell sanctuary, but applies immediately if sanctuary has been dispelled.

Sanctuary:    50% damage  (50% reduction)

Cunning 1: 100% damage  (No sanctuary)
Cunning 2:   92% damage  (08% reduction)
Cunning 3:   84% damage  (16% reduction)
Cunning 4:   76% damage  (24% reduction)
Cunning 5:   68% damage  (32% reduction)

While much less than the original amounts, this can still be very helpful. If you're dispelled and scourged, an attack that would normally do 1,500,000 damage would only do 1,020,000 damage on Cunning 5!

Thanks to KenteTsu, Living, and Manda for helping me with the updates!

Thanks to Elvena, WiKidWind, DarkMaverick, and Kowe for their help the first time around!