Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Illusions [2/2] - Lhurgoyf
Date :9/19
The Sixth Illusion has mastered the magics and defends himself with the mystical arts, I have heard rumors that it possesses skills which citizens cannot defend against. It will afflict your soul and take your down with it showing you that a fight is not won by total brawn, but by use of all your skills without holding back on one or another.

The seventh Illusion.. it seems it scarcely summoned. While it has been mentioned that it learned it's techniques from those dreadful zibong, it keeps it's defense as strong as Gaia (earth), while it attacks and purifies everything within it's path, truly mastering the fine skills offered to it. It is that of which a rogue fears most coming upon an enemy that you cannot beat, this is where Rogues must rely on others. It is found by those with strength, it's strength will bring those of weakness crumbling to their knees.  But while it may be strong and agile, It wears out easy. If you know that, then the beast is one, and you are many. Trust in yourself and others who aide you, and you will succeed.  Do not take this challenge kindly. Bring your friends, hold your allies close.

Though.. if there was one thing I've learned over the years ..

                  keep your enemies closer.