Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Illusions [1/2] - Lhurgoyf
Date :9/19
Along with the path of mystery, speed, agility, and stealth, we come from nowhere and are here to aid you.  The illusions are a race of creatures that have had to hide and stay hidden, only now reveal themselves during out time of need.

The Illusion has made a deal with the tutors and has agreed to help us aid fellow Rogue path walkers train upon battle replica and battle situations.

They have offered us the chance to learn from them because of their nature that have adapted the ability to become one and act much like the ruthless foe and some of the other species that inhabit this realm.  

The Illusions are here for all of us to help each other out and in return to help our own selves out. We are allowed to summon them upon the fact that they will be used to teach fellow rogues how to adapt and better their skills.

The Illusions come upon seven strengths to help the Rogue better understand him.  

The first of these Illusions is that of the new season,      
Spring. While it glistens with light and new power, it has a weak defense.

The second of the seven Illusions is that which gains it's power from resembling creatures that are past. They are those past and forgotten, but its defensive and strategic nature is the reason we chose to learn from it.

The third Illusion is the first two combined. It's more intelligent and carries with it a sense of peace and belonging, but it is easily disturbed and like a snake.. goes straight for it's prey. By this stage in your training you should of learned the basics to be sly, quick, and able to strike like a fierce mongoose.

The fourth Illusion lacks intelligence and can be related to an Ogre. While it is not bright in the brain, it does allow us to concentrate on being able to manipulate the effects of our surroundings.  While training with this Illusion, you will learn that you don't always have to fight your foe to win.. but rather just outsmart it.

The 5th Illusion is your basic boss. It's not a simpleton push-over.. it knows that your going to kill it and you will have to use all your intelligence, stealth, skill and maneuverability to catch this sly Illusion. It's not going to let it's life be short-lived and it will show you that speed and quickness is a basic method of survival for the weak.