Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Hunting Helpfully - Lhurgoyf
Date :9/19
We have all hunted with that bad poet that cannot target the entire group or one that is new to the game. Remeber some of you have been around forever, have other 99 characters and know what to expect.

Anyways, here is the deal.. When you hunting with poets, try and respect a little of what they have to do. Sure we yell out for "ASv" and everything else, but picture this: The poet enters enters a room...  their first priorty is to have to scourge approximately 20-25 times.. even more if your bouncing around using invisible and ambush. Now you Ka and would like a heal in the middle of scourging process.. Keep in mind you mage is probably fairly new and may be trying to do the same thing with paralysis.  

Ok so now we understand a bit of the respect issue. Now let's get to the point of training your poet. No I don't mean this to be offensive. Don't make them think your training them work on their aethers and try and work them to the best of their ability.. they can invoke around every 30 seconds. To you 99's out there, that works perfect for
a great combo set up. Lethal strike (as much mana as poet has just given to you from inspire) train your poet.. you shouldn't have to ask for inspire many times during a hunt. So now you've been inspired and they're healing you... You use desperate attack once you're full on vita. your poet should know your doing this combo and be ready for it.. now in 13 or so seconds you use desperate attack. This should be running your poet low on mana, because other people in the group will require healing. and all aethers are timed accordingly, so you should get an inspire for a 1-3 second lethal strike..  and repeating this combo.  I talked to some poets and they wish more rogues/warrios would use mana effeciently. Invoking with 6-8k mana is kind of a waist.

By the way, if you do this to a poet.. remember at first it's going to be hard for them as they will not be use to this type of hunting. To those that power-hunt, you should already be using this type of combo and probably have a personalized poet.  

The last comment before this comes to a close. Complement your poet privately or group message every so often on a good healing job. It may not seem like much, because they are there to heal.. but it makes a big difference if you're going to get into another hunt with the same poet.. after abusing or breaking them in. :P