Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Baekho Story Winner
Date :9/19
Cro'at was a mangy, however nimble thief, who went through life with his own saying, "Its a five fingered discount."
One cold winter night, however, he was travelling through the mountains with haste due to the weather. More so because of the authorities chasing him.
The wind moaned and whistled through the leafless trees like a reed flute and chilled Cro'at to the bone. Catching sight of a cave, Cro'at ran for cover.
"Surely no one would live in this forsaken place..."
Entering the cave he was suddenly paralyzed, half from fear, half from awe. Sitting on a dais in the cave was a great white tiger! An aura radiated from the giant figure and a sneer came to its lips.
"Who art thou, dirty human, that hast come to my lair?" came the challenge.
"Cro'at the... er," Cro'at stammered. "the nimble! Yeah, the nimble."
A roar echoed through the cave, causing Cro'at to throw himself to the ground. "Give me one good reason why I should not kill you, human..."
Cro'at thought quickly and several choices came to mind. He decided to use flattery.
After much fast talking from Cro'at, the tiger sat on its haunches. "Hmm, you talk fast. Perhaps your legs are as so as well."
Yells then came from the ground below the cave entrance. It sounded like the mob of constables chasing Cro'at.
"It seems you have two choices, human," said the tiger. "You can fight or run. Either way I think they will kill you."
Cro'at became furious at the comment and pulled out a shortsword. He leapt down the cliff and plummeted onto the crowd of constables. A surge came through him as he fought. His strokes became faster, his strafes more agile. His mind raced as he predicted the moves of his now seemingly clumsy enemy. Enemies fell and fled as Cro'at threw a furious circular swipe. He felt like a tiger after its prey!
"I see your hunt was successful, totem master," came the tigers reply.
"Totem master?"
"Yes... I am... Baekho. Truely such spirit is that of one who is empowered by my own."
Cro'at blinked and seemed to wander out of the cave in a bemused state.
Later, after coming out of the mountains, Cro'at came to from his dazed state. He saw now that he was in Koguryo. The border guards coughed uncomfortably as he passed through. He himself seemed to now carry an aura about him...