Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :     ** Class Rules **
Date :11/7
                       ~Class Rules~

#1  Keep in mind that Tutors have the last say in siutations  
    they see fit. If the Tutor asks you to do something,      
    please do it.

#2  Show proper respect to any Guests in the Path hall. Do not
    attack your fellow students during class. You are here to
    learn, and attacking others prevents a learning-friendly                
   environment from being established. The Tutor will
    announce if/when attacking and/or killing will be allowed.

#3  Do not be rude to your fellow student, even if he treats
    you poorly, show him that you are the better person by not
    stooping to his/her level. All tutors are welcomed in all      
    Path halls, and should be respected. Do not kill visiting  
   Tutors unless given permission.

#4  If you should enter this hall while a class, or lesson is
    in progress please do not interrupt. Go to the top of the
    room, and watch/wait for your turn. Do not cast spells,          
   do not attack any players during class or during a private
    session, and do not attack the Illusions. Either that or
    please click the NPC and "Observe".

If there is a disruption that is in violation to these rules, please contact a tutor. Please be aware that they are players just like you and they may not always be free to assist you.

Should anyone be found disrupting path classes/tutelage or harassing the tutors, they will face the possibility of being removed, or jailed. Tutors reserve the right to remove anyone from the path hall that they feel are causing a disruption, and should such behaviour continue, further punishment will ensue.

For the handful of people who have been given repeated warnings, you will be monitored closely and will be given no further warnings about this matter. You can be jailed for Harassment should your actions continue.
Should you have any questions about this, please contact Yappy via nmail.