Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Dog Spells
Date :11/8
    To join the Rogue Dog, first you must travel south of East Buya, just outside the Fox cave. I have heard different accounts of what level you must be to join him, but it is somewhere between level 60 and level 70. You must not be in a player run subpath.

    Ask him about his "Secret" and he will make sure that you will never join a player run subpath. When you confirm this, he will bless you with a bit of karma.

    At higher levels, ask him once again about his "Secret" and he will teach you a few spells, should you be able to complete his quests.

- Melalye

 Spot Traps: One of the most useful spells. Gained at the 70th Insignt, The Dog instructis you to kill Three Trapdoor spiders (The ones that ambush).  When the spell is cast, you will see Steel daggers anywhere that a rogue has set a trap. Unlike the warrior spot trap spell, this does not spot ambushes. (ex: Tiger falls/spawns)

Serpent's Fury: Must have 20/10 stats. You must kill Zin-te and Zangze, the two Southern((91)) ogre bosses. ((Three hour spawn rate, so careful not to mess up)).  You must also sacrifice a Whisper Bracelet to the dog.  Serpent's Fury is as strong as Cun1, but without the protection. It can be used to boost up to your second cunning quickly, although this has its drawbacks.

[Edited by Melalye]