Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Melalye
Subject :Bladestorm
Date :11/28
   The purpose of this post is not only to explain what Bladestorm is, but also to show many of its uses. Many rogues do not use the spell on hunts when it is very powerful even when you do not create a set. (So many that mages often get confused when I do use it as an attack on one creature =/)

                                   ~Spell information~

    Bladestorm is a trap spell that Ee san rogues can learn. The player or creature that walks over the trap is forced into casting an Assault (Warrior Ee san spell) and it also does some damage, which can end up killing those that have low vita.

    The trap takes 1,000 mana to cast and it lasts for 20 seconds or until someone hits it. It drains 5k mana each second that it exists. If you run out of mana though, the trap will remain.

     When a player hits the trap in a PK area, it will take 50% of their current vitality and attack in an assault pattern with that much vita @ 0 AC. If a player walks over a bladestorm trap outside of a PK area, the trap will not disappear like other traps do.

    When a creature hits the trap, it will take 75% of their current vitality and attack in an assault pattern with that much vita @ 0 AC. If in a PK area, players can be hurt by this attack. Outside PK areas, players are no longer damaged.

                              ~Hunting with Bladestorm~
This is the main reason for this post. There are two ways that bladestorm should be used in hunts.

1. Bladestorm sets. They will look like this:


C stands for creatures, B stands for the spot at which you cast Bladestorm. The creature on the right should be targeted on you and free to move, so that when you ambush or dash left, it will follow into the trap.

This is not always worth doing, it depends on the cave that you are in and the time that it takes to create the sets. If it takes too long to create sets, use the option below.

2. As mentioned earlier, bladestorm takes away 75% of a creature's vita. In many caves, your LS or DA may not do this much damage to a creature.

So use bladestorm as a powerful attack on one creature if it's not worth it to make a set. When you can, make a set of 2 or three. An easy set of 2 looks like this:


C for creature.
R for rogue.

When a creature is attacking you and not paralized, set the bladestorm and ambush in the opposite direction. If your mage doesn't para very fast, you don't always even need to mention it. If both are paralized, ask your mage or poets to remove paralisis.

What happens if the creature is blind? Make sure that it is facing the direction that you want it to move and cast amnesia several times until it takes a step. Sometimes the creature will go off in some other direction, but usually it will go the way he's facing.

                                     ~Bladestorm in PK~

There are two uses for bladestorm in PK as well.

1. Cast bladestorm and press control-R to set it off. This will make the spell work like an assault. This is most useful when you are attacking someone at a distance or when you have aethers on both LS and DA because someone healed out twice.

2. Let someone else walk on it to do 50% damage to them.

In duels, you can set traps around you in many places and Bladestorm in the only free path. Since bladestorm cannot be seen with spot traps, the path will seem safe.

In other places, many poets, mages, and warriors run in very predictable patterns. A weaker Ee san rogue can still do 50% damage to people with over 1,000,000 vita. Pick an easy target and set the trap in their path.