Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Moraghul
Subject :Alliances Tips (2 - Lesser Alliances)
Date :3/3
Lesser Alliances

When doing a Lesser Alliance you need reserve 2 slots on your Kill Track record for the 2 bosses the Mythic NPC asks you to kill. This means you can kill 6 other TYPES of creatures (The number of CREATURES you kill has no importance). To take an extreme example, you could have 3 Item bosses and 3 Key bosses on your track and 255+ Rabbit, 255+ Squirrel, 255+ Red Hare, 255+ Fox, 255+ Wolf, 255+ Cat. The Mythic NPC will still accept your work and complete your Lesser Alliance without any trouble.

You CAN do multiple Lesser Alliances at a time. However, since starting the alliance resets your Kill Track, you must FIRST start the alliance(s), THEN go and kill the correct number of bosses. Although, doing two Lesser Alliances at a time will leave your "free" kills at 4 types of creatures, doing three Lesser Alliances at the same time will leave your "free" kills"at 2 types of creature, etc. You can do up to four Lesser Alliances at a time but it leaves you no room for any mistakes.

If you want to hunt while you're doing a Lesser Alliance, you can hunt ANYWHERE except in other Mythic caves. The mythic NPC you're allying with will NOT check what you killed EXCEPT the bosses he asked you to kill. If you're allying with Dragons, you can hunt in dragons doing while your Lesser Alliance. Just be careful as hunting in dragon will already use 3 Types + Bosses = a maximum of 5 types. Mythic caves have either 6 or 7 types of creatures if you include sentries.

- Rogue Tutor