Board :Rogues
Author :Head Tutor Nussan
Subject :Rogues Overkill ability
Date :7/11
Rogue Overkill

As of the reset on September 18th, Rogues were given their 'balance' and counterpart to the Warrior's overflow technique.

The term I'll use to refer to to this ability will be called overkill.

Overkill - When a rogue lands a killing special attack (Lethal strike, Desperate attack) on a target, the excess damage is then used to heal the caster, divided equally between vitality and mana.

Example: Rogues Lethal strikes for 100,000 damage on a creature with 50,000 vitality remaining. 50,000 excessive damage is then split between the caster's vitality and mana, restoring 25,000 to each.

Thus the player would be healed these amounts, but never healed to more than the amount they had at the time of casting the attack. A rogue with 50/25 stats, 100/50 if fully healed, will never be able to heal themself past 50/25 by casting a vita attack.

In addition, a rogue can at max get 50% of their current stats back in the form of overkill. This means that with LS, a person has the potential to gain all of their current stats back because lethal strike initially takes 50% vita and overkill can fill up 50% of your current stats. However, with DA a person can only get 50% of their current mana back. This is because DA intially takes your mana to 0, and with the current overkill can fill you up to 50% mana, nothing more. Since DA only takes 50% of your current vita, rogue overkill can fill you up to 100% of the stats you had when DA was initially casted.

Assuming a human (player) target. XRogueX - 1.2m/600k stats.
Target : -50 AC, 10k vita.
Attack : DA (1x vita + 1x mana, consumes 50% vita and 100%
         mana) XRogueX DA's iPoeti for 1800k damage to 0 AC.
         AC modifier -50, damage done is 900k. 10k vita is
         needed to kill iPoeti. Overkill amount is 890k.
        890k is split between vita/mana; 445k healed to
         both stats (Due to the cap of 50% of your stats
        back, mana can only be filled to half). XRogueX's
        remaining stats are 1045k/300k
        from 1200/600k, from killing a 10k vita character
         with -50 AC.

This shows that the Overkill ability will not drastically effect PK as much as it will hunting. In hunting with creatures being well over 0 AC with scourge/vex/dishearten, effects are drastically improved. Once again note, that no matter, the ability will never heal the caster more than their vitality/mana at time of casting the attack.

In mid-range hunting, named Ee san to 'one-hit' stats, the overkill ability means rogues can now be cycled by a poet of equal stats. Before this ability, a rogue would need a poet who's mana far exceeded the rogue's stats to be able to cycle. If the rogue was equal to the poet in mana, this would be impossible.

With the overkill ability, a rogue polearming in a trio could now choose to attack creatures with low health, much as a warrior would to 'fix' a set, and get a return on their vitality/mana, requiring less healing.

It should be noted neither the Overflow or the Overkill abilities should be used on a creature with full vitality until the caster is very far past the required stats for the cave. In mid-range hunting, these abilities are benefitted from the most when used on a weak creature to finish it off.

In higher range hunting, this means higher stat rogues can be effectively cycled by poets with extremely lower stats
than the rogue. Once the rogue has attained far past the stats needed to one-hit a creature with sleep traps and scourge, the poet healing him will only have to heal and spire the amounts taken from the rogue and not Overhealed back.

Thus, LS and DA will only take x amount of vitality/mana to kill a creature. Once a Rogue has attained those stats, the additional stat damage will be returned to the rogue as vita/mana. This means a Poet will only have to heal/spire
them as much as it takes to one hit the creature, no longer requiring to spire the rogue massive amounts.

Written by Amaroq
Edited by Destyn