Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Ouned
Subject :Rogue Hall of Fame [updated]
Date :5/14

<b>                   Rogue's Hall of Fame

 As you open this scroll from the rogue's board you will
 notice names listed and information listed next to each
 name. You yet do not know what this list represents but
 have the desire to brand your name on this, but yet ...
 you do not know how.

 Welcome to the Rogue's Hall of Fame list, here only the
 utmost elite of all rogues will have the honor to have
 their name immortalized until the end of time.

  Name / Titles Held / Other

  { Falacor } [ Status: Deceased ]
  First Il San Rogue of Nexus,
  Second Ee San of Nexus

  { Tsung } [ Status: Deceased ]
  First Ee San Rogue of Nexus,
  Second Il San of Nexus

   { Lhurgoyf } [ Status: Deceased ]
  First Tutor of Nexus and Buya's Rogue path

  { Axess } [ Status: Alive ]
  First Tutor of Kugnae's Rogue path.

  { Thomstel } [ Status: Deceased ]
  Founder and first Elder of Spies

  { TSWolf } [ Status: Deceased ]
  First Elder of the Merchants

  { Gravis } [ Status: Deceased ]
  First Elder of the Shadows

  { Chongun } [ Status: Deceased ]
  Premier of Spy Subpath,
   First to accomplish Rogue Sun Quest

  { Mals } [ Status: Alive ]
  Longest term as Elder for the Shadows

  { dementia } [ Status: Alive ]
  Longest active Shadow
  Elder of the Shadow

  { IamTaquito } [ Status: Deceased ]
  Elder of the Shadows,
  Greatest Shadow known for knowledge and skill.

  { djrtykow } [ Status: Alive ]
  First Sam San rogue of nexus.

  { Citian } [ Status: Deceased ]
  Last Shadow elder in history
  Disbanded the Shadow subpath

  { Angelica } [ Status: Alive]
  Founder of Ranger Subpath

  { xFirestormx } [ Status: Alive ]
  First Sa san in Nexus
  First Sa san Rogue in Nexus