Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Rubi
Subject :Rogue Sa Attack
Date :10/15

<b>Rogue Sa attack, aka Precision blitz, aka Seyn's spell

First and foremost, Thank you to Yttribium for crunching the numbers for this formula:

Precision Blitz = 1.8 * Vita + 0.45 * Mana (varies on target)

Now, first we need to explain the (varies on target). Precision blitz's damage is recalcuated for every ambush performed as part of the attack. Each ambush takes away 17% of your vita, so the damage has to be recalculated for each monster attacked.

The reason Sa attack deserves its own post is that, put simply, it has a set movement pattern that doesn't particularly make sense. However, this pattern is consistant, making the spell usable with some forethought. Assuming the monster is open on all sides, this is the direction you will go:

If you are standing to the right, you will go down.
If you are standing to the left, you will go right.
If you are standing below, you will go left.
If you are standing above, you will go right.

This may seem confusing, but if you use the rules to picture your path, you can hit the maximum targets every time.

Note: There are other ways of moving allowed by the spell, however these are the directions that will be chosen as the "primary" path.

Example:   O X X X X

If O is the rogue, and X is the monster, this set will work even though it is not stated in the rules. However, if:


Lower case x will not be touched, because left to right is the primary direction.