Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Sxymail
Subject :Buyan Class/Tutelage Information
Date :1/12

This post outlines basic information on Classes and Tutelage services I will be providing. There are other events that are not covered here, so watch for them! These are simply my own [Sxymail's] personal standards, and other Tutors may or may not follow these same guidelines.

** Illusion Trials and Private Tutelages are by nmail request only and must use the form at the bottom of this letter! **

Public Classes
Requirements: Good Behavior!

Description: Public classes are open to everyone, and will cover a tremendous variety of topics. Proper behavior is expected, and disruptions may result in being ejected from the class. The majority of public classes will focus on BASIC skills and fundamentals. I will not go in depth to intermediate or advanced lessons for public classes.

Illusion Trials
Requirements: Nmail Requests ONLY (Please fill out the form at end of this post)

Description: A test that requires killing all 7 levels of the Illusion beasts, each with their own characteristic. Three of each Illusion will need to be subdued, totaling 21 in all. Individuals of certain strength or skill may be required to undergo additional challenges with their Illusion training.  

Private Tutelage
Requirements: Attendance to Public classes, Completion of Illusion Trials, Good Citizenship, Nmail Requests ONLY (Please fill out the form at end of this post)

Description: Private sessions will go into great detail about a specific topic, such as carnages, dueling, roleplay, and others. Available only to well-behaved citizens who have attended Public Classes, and can demonstrate their knowledge and/or skill. Jail marks and negative subpath brands will be frowned upon, but still considered. Nmail request only.

Nmail Request Form (Any requests not using this form will be deleted)
** The title of your letter should read either "Illusion Trials" or "Private Tutelage" **

Your Name:
Times available(In Pacific Standard Time, PST):
What do you wish to learn and why?

Please mail me if you have any questions, thank you!