Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor Sxymail
Subject :Farewell From Sxymail!
Date :3/23

Hi all,

I just wanted to thank you all for supporting me during my term as the Buyan Rogue Tutor. Although I never accomplished everything I had hoped for, I had a GREAT time trying.

I hope for everyone that ever met me or attended one of my classes, you at least learned a little bit from me and had fun in the process.

For all those that aspire to be great at something, whether it's becoming a tutor, carnage host, subpath member, PK expert, or anything else, please remember this advice:

- Be humble.
- Be respectful.
- Be strong.
- Admit your mistakes and LEARN from them.
- Recognize that you can ALWAYS improve.
- Have a sincere PASSION for what you do.

You can overcome many obstacles by following these simple rules. I overcame being less knowledgeable, a complete goofball, having no prior experience, and 2-3 failed applications in order to receive this position.

I would never trade any of my past failures, as it is overcoming those difficulties that helps make life meaningful.

To Your Success,


Buyan Rogue Tutor  
(Yuri 78, Winter - Hyul 13)
(12/30/05 - 1/10/08)