Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor ThiefOfSouls
Subject :Rogue Weaponry
Date :9/12
 This is a compiled list by level of the Rogue classes more popular weapon options. Weapons with (*) beside their name require the 'might' spell be cast upon the Rogue in order to wield. (Since 'might' is learned by Rogues at level 15 earlier weapons will require the aid of a Poet or Mages spell.) This list is only a guideline for when a weapon may be used; higher level weapons may not necessarily be the better choice for your Rogue.

Level/Might  Weapon(s)
~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~
  1/3       Wooden saber*
  5/5       Swift sword/Viper stick*
  8/7       Viperhead woodsaber*/Wooden sword*/Spring bow
 14/10      Viperhead woodsword*
 20/13      Ilbon knife
 22/14      Long spear*
 28/17      Military fork*/Battle sword*/Fine steel
            dagger*/Steel dagger*
 30/18      Tainted blade/Spider fan
 32/19      Wooden blade*
 38/22      Iron sword*/Runed dagger*/Fine Steel saber*/Steel
 45/25      Moonblade
 48/27      Fox blade*/Fine steel sword*/Steel sword*/Jolt
 50/28      Giasmo stick/Wicked staff/Big axe/Hunang's
            axe/Mongoose fan
 55/30      Might spear/Swift dagger
 59/32      Steel blade*
 60/33      Ice sabre/Cursed blade
 68/37      Maxcaliber*
 703/7      Bekyun's spear/Dark dagger/White moon axe
 75/40      Steelthorn/Electra/Serpant fan
 85/45      Corrupted blade
 90/48      Flamefang
 95/50      Blood
 99/52+     Forsaken blade/Mythic sabre/Death fan

Please n-mail any corrections or additions to Rogue Tutor ThiefOfSouls.

(Keep in mind this list is not intended to cover every weapon in the game. Items that add any additional 'might' bonus have not been factored into this list. Most past and future event weapons have been intentionally left off this list.)