Board :Rogues
Author :Melalye, Rogue tutor
Subject :Crafting Skills [2/2]
Date :3/22

                                      REFINING SKILLS
                Level 50 to begin - Carpentry, Tailor, Smith. (Chef)

Refining skills require you to devote to the skill to become Master in it. You may only master one refining skill at a time. If you change your devotion later, you lose all skill in your previous skill. It costs 1000c to devote to a Refining skill. (Note: These skills, with the possible exception of Chef, are needed for the Ee san trial of Culture)

Carpentry: To learn the basics of Carpentry, go to the Splinter's hut at 137, 187 in the Wilderness. Too further your skill in Carpentry, you must have Ginko wood, from Woodcutting,  in your inventory and say 'Wood' to the NPC. Also, so salvage Wood scraps, just say 'Scraps' to the NPC and you have a chance of making Ginko wood.

Tailor: To learn the basics of Tailoring, go to the tailor in Sanhae at 13, 21. You will need Cloth to tailor, made from weaving. Tailors can make Star garments rarely, but never Moon or Sun. Also, a Tailor can work in concert with a Smith and create armor.

Smith: To learn the basics of Smithing, go to 18, 103 in Buya. To Smith, you will need Metal, created from Smelting. To Smith, simply say 'Metal' to the smithing NPC. Smiths, when working with a Tailor, can create armor.

Chef: To become a Chef, go to Min at 42/45 in Hausson. Say "Prepare noodle". I believe you must be either Accomplished or Adept in food preparing. For each attempt you will need 1 Flour (Prepare Wheat dug up with a mining shovel around 110/145 Kugnae), 1 Water jug (Pirate events/Refill "Empty jug" at 30/30 Kugnae), and 1 Salt block (Drop and pick up cloth at Dae Shore near the ocean).

-Gull, Buyan Mage tutor.

[Edited by Melalye]