Board :Rogues
Author :Melalye, Rogue tutor
Subject :Crafting Skills [1/2]
Date :3/22
This post is to inform people of all the skills in the Nexus for rogues.

                                     GATHERING SKILLS                                                          
                      Level 8 to begin - Mining and Woodcutting.

Gathering skills do not require you to devote to the skill to become master in it. You may be a Master miner AND master woodcutter - they do not effect each other.

Woodcutting: To learn the basics of woodcutting, go to Splinter's hut at 137, 187 in the wilderness. He'll sell you an Axe for 50c, which is used in Woodcutting. To woodcut, buy an axe, and head to a grove. The closest grove to Splinter's hut is Golden grove, which is at 111, 178. Once in there, just drop and pick up the axe to woodcut while moving. Remember to have patience... as with anything, practice makes perfect.

Mining: To learn the basics of mining, go to Thane's cave at 185, 18 in the wilderness. He'll sell you a Mining pick for 200c and Mining shovel for 40c, which are both used in mining. Outside of Thane's cave, you'll notice the ground has a lot of gray area on it. Drop your shovel and pick it up until you strike an ore. Once you find a hint of something, drop your mining pick and then pick it up. Then drop your shovel in the same place until you no longer receive a response. This is how you collect Ore.

Fishing: Go to the fisherman at 25/170 Kugnae, 110/90 Buya, or 46/54 Nagnang and tell him that you would like to "Fish". He will give you 4 options for rods and 4 options for bait. Each option has a different cost. Many strange things can happen when fishing. Some have fished up rare and magical items, some have met talking fish, and others have died for their greed.

                              MANUFACTURING SKILLS                                                                    
Level 25 to begin - Weaving, Smelting, Gemcutting and Food preparation.

To proceed past Accomplished in one of these skills you must devote to them. You can only devote to one of these skills at a time. Food preparation seems to be exempt from both of these rules. You can be a food prep AND another manufacturing skill, and you cannot devote to food prep. Changing devotion from one skill to another causes you to lose ALL skill in the previous skill and resets you back to novice.

Weaving: To learn the basics of weaving and to devote yourself to Weaving, go to the Weaver's hut in the wilderness at 44, 30 Wilderness. To weave, just have wool on you, and in any weaving area, say 'Weave' to the NPC with Fine weaving tools or Weaving tools on you. (Weaving tools can be bought from carpenters.)

Smelting: To learn the basics of smelting and to devote yourself to Smelting, go to the Smelter's shop at 24, 9 in Sanhae. You must have a Smelting agreement on you, purchased from the shop at 96, 131 Buya, to smelt. To begin, just say "Smelt" to any NPC with smelt abilities while you have Ore on you.

Gemcutting: To learn the basics of gemcutting and to devote yourself to Gemcutting, go to the Gemcutting hut at 46, 40 in the Wilderness. To Gemcut, simply say "Gem" to the NPC there while you have Ambers on you. At first you will only be able to cut regular ambers, but with more skill you can try your luck at Dark ambers, Yellow ambers, and White ambers.

Food preparer: To prepare food, go to Min at 42/45 in Hausson. Say "Prepare beef", "Prepare chicken", "Prepare tiger meat", "Prepare egg", or "Prepare wheat". No specialization needed.