Board :Rogues
Author :Rogue Tutor xFiReStOrMx
Subject :Rogue Spells Level 50-99
Date :8/12

Level 53
100 Acorns, 500 Coins
Summonss someone if you are both from the same city and grouped.

Level 55
Seperate form of Snare trap. +20 ac

Tiger's fury / Spirit of the wild / Ohaeng's grace / Filling of the soul
Level 56
180 Acorns, 1 Lucky coin, 1 Moonblade, 1000 Coins
Increases your damage. 3x (Not to be used with other furies)

Filch / Quick fingers / Light touch / Spirit's hand
Level 65
130 Acorns, 1 Steel sword, 2000 Coins
Pick up the item in front of you.

Spear trap*
Level 66  
Seperate form of spear trap. Moderate (at the level)damage to whoever steps on it.

Poison dart*
Level 77  
Seperate form os Poison dart. Poisons whoever steps on it.

Drain / Parasite / Absorb / Drink of souls
Level 80
190 Acorns, 10 Dark amber, 5000 Coins
Drain vita from a creature if it has 999 or less. You receive  the drained vita. You can go up to a maximum of 2x your max vita with Drain.

Death trap*
Level 88  
Seperate form of Death trap. Large (at the level) damage to whoever steps on it.

Seal wounds / Heal injury / Bandage / Spirit caress
Level 90
25 000 Coins
Targetable heal, 280 vita for 220 mana.

Sleep trap*
Level 99
Seperate form of Sleep trap. Sleeps whoever sets it off.

Lethal strike / Ming-ken's judgement / Calculated blow / Afterlife's embrace
Level 99
1 Death's head, 1 Whisper bracelet, 1 Titanium glove, 5000 coins
Vita attack. Takes 50% vita and 1k mana and does .5x vita +
2.5x mana to target in front.

Maro's remedy / Ming-ken maro's remedy / Ohaeng maro's remedy / Kwi-sin maro's remedy
Level 99
Self heal. 1.5k vita for 1k mana.

List made by Katel