Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"The Legend of The Silver Thread" 1st by Littlefoot
Date :4/8
The Legend of The Silver Thread

Yuri 32, Spring.

  The elderly Shaman tended to her loom, carefully pulling
and twisting at the spun threads before her. She gave a
glance over to the nearby spirit who waited, ushering
them closer with the motion of her hand.

  "Come, child, fear not. T'will be over in but a moment."

  The woman carefully knelt before the lifeless body and
peered up at the hoovering spirit.

"Tis your body, is it not?" she asked softly.

  The spirit nodded.

"Very well." she responded.

  With a severed thread in one hand, she gently picked up
the arm of the deceased and shook their hand with moderate
force. In it's glittering prominence, the other half of
the silver thread appeared, torn and tattered, yet still
tied to the base of the dead's knuckle, wisping around
silently. The Shaman bowed her head while in chant, even-
tually fusing the silver thread whole again.

  The spirit churned and toiled, eventually returning into
their mortal body. As they gasped for air once more, their
naked body was covered in a dirtied cloth by the elderly

"Rest now, for your body is still very weak." she spoke.

"What magics is this?" the once-defeated mortal asked.

"You are unfamiliar with the silver thread?" She asked,
curiously. "You must be a new adventurer to the lands."

 The mortal nodded, still in shock at what had happened.
The hunched over woman smiled a most generous smile and
seated herself next to the once-defeated mortal.

 "Very well. Let me speak of it, and in return, prithee, be
careful when standing next to Golden rabbits."

  "In a time before the Tri kingdoms were even conceived
by mortal thoughts, gods roamed this otherwordly domain.
The gods created many things together; the mountains, rivers
and all of the creatures we know of today, but there was
 something amiss. In deep thought and after trial and error,
mortality came into being, so that their creations could
be reveled in and enjoyed."

  "T'was a brilliant invention, the mortal being, however,
not all would go according to plan. For with every mortal
heart that dare swell with adventure, danger lurked in
every corner, envious of our birth. Hostility would lead to
darkness, and eventually, our untimely demise."

  The shaman giggled in an exhausted fashion, but continued

 "Tis but only in our nature, for not even the gods can
create a perfect creature. Mortals began to perish at the
hands of these creatures and environments, and even by our
very own hands, never to be seen of or heard again. The
Gods, now steeped in pity at what they had done, chose to
change this."

  "A silver thread was fastened, and with the mighty powers
of the immortals, they imbued these threads into the very
essence of our being, linking our soul to these vessels so
that even if we are to perish, our soul may yet once again
return to our body. While some consider it a gift, others
see it as a curse."

"A curse?" The young adventurer asked, confused.

  "Yes, for we are bound by this yoke, you and I. It is
this realm we will forever walk, unless we choose to retire
our thread for good."

 The young adventurer looked about the room, curious as to
where his clothing had disappeared to.

"Looking for your armaments?" she asked with a grin. "I'm
afraid your mortal possessions have been left behind, wher-
ever it is you happened to perish, likely covered and cursed
by your survivor's dust, so that only you may recover it
once more - Another gift bestowed upon the gods."

 "You mean... I have to enter the Rabbit cave once more
 to gather back my gear?!" The young adventurer gulped.

The Shaman shook her head and snickered,
      "Prithee, take care and do not stand too close to
          the rabbit as I've said! While I'm a charming
            old lady, I'm sure you wish to not see me any-