Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"The merchant and the maiden" HM - by StarFire
Date :4/22
she visits the market quite often,to hand out the spare vegatables shed sewn from her garden.
free of charge,she felt being paid in good karma was payment enough,
a gentleman dressed in torn rags,reaches his hand out and in a raspy tone says"please may i have a few more of those juicy green apples for i have a family to feed" OFCOURSE!,she replied what other choices could she have made?

and with no hesitation she hands him the entire basket,he takes a humble bow and dissapears in a dark alley,

the next day she heads to the market for she has some juicy peas from her harvest this morning,the market entrance is packed,
whats going on she thinks to herself,and all is explained as she draws near,signs bigger than she'd seen before daunting her home grown apples "MAGIC APPLES 1,000,000 A POP!MAKE ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE"

Foreigners dress in high priced garbs all fighting to get there hands on these magic apples,sold by a finely dressed merchant a merchant with the same face as the begger she'd helped yesterday!

she clasps onto his hand as he reaches an apple out to a bidder,"HEY YOU SCUM,HOW DARE YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY KINDNESS!"

"Beat it sweety buisness is buisness,all flowers aint pretty"

she couldnt understand how someone could care less about hurting other people as he did.

the next day he arrived at her house,how he got her coordinates we'll never know,
"what could you possibly want?what possesed you to think that i wouldn't smite you upon sight, i cannot fathom"

he hands her a large lumpsome of money "for you m'lady"

i dont want it,for accepting this would be taking part in lying to all those people,i cannot. she said in a furiated voice,


"hope?...HOPE? So for a million pieces of your false hope you destroyed one very real piece of my hope,the hope that there was good in this world,youve taken something i thought to be a good deed and youve torn it apart." she says nearly breaking into tears.

please just find your way to the exit!she screams.

the next day fireworks were going off in the direction of the market,today is not a celebration day what could be going on,she thought.

a young boy runs past her almost knocking o\her over,she asks "YOUNG MAN WHATS GOING ON" ,"A MAN AT THE MARKET HAS BOUGHT UP EVERY STAND AND IS GIVING IT ALL FREE!"

surely this couldn't be,she thought,but true enough it was the beggar-merchant-scum handing out fruits and clothe and things of all trades,to all the townsmen,
he reaches out to give an apple,to a begger,and she claps his hand before he drops the apple.

have you gone mad?she asks.

"no,i just rather have one real thing,than million fake ones."

and from that day on he helped her harvest and grow her gardens and together they helped feed the town.

-written by StarFire