Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"To Help A Fallen Angel", by Whisperss, 2nd place
Date :5/7
To Help A Fallen Angel

"Please, I beg of you to reconsider", she said with a broken heart and quivering body. "What have I done to displease you? Show me the errors of my way and I will change father." She stood on a bed of clouds before a giant figure masked by rays of sunshine. He reached out to her with a large hand, placing his soothing palm on her shoulder. She felt a wave of serenity as his hand grazed her skin.

The figure before her took a deep breath and let out a gentle gust of wind that traveled to the kingdoms below. His response was sonorous in nature and she could feel his voice resonate on her skin. "You could never do anything to displease me. Have faith, my child. The clouds parted below his feet to reveal an ancient kingdom struck with fear, greed, and an insatiable thirst for power. The giant figure brought her attention to a burning village and a crippled man praying under his collapsing homestead.

He shed a tear and the clouds they stood upon became saturated. Rubbing his hands firmly together, a static energy built. He leaned down and placed his hands on the soaking clouds and the sky was charged. Sparks began to fire! The sky opened with a roar of thunder and the rain came pouring down.

The large being said to her, "I believe there is hope to be found in the most trying of circumstances. Show those who are lost the way to salvation. Guide them with love and tenderness." She could feel her feathers grow light and fall from her shoulders. Her glowing white gown turned into a soft green, spring variety gown. She looked to her halo as it shifted in place and wrapped itself around her shoulder in the form of a tattoo. Her consciousness soon faded.

"Pardon me, ma'am. I wasn't expecting visitors so early this morning! My name is JadeSpear. You look rather lost.. Were you looking for any assistance today?" She looked around his home dazed, attempting to recall her memories." She stumbled around the room and tripped over a pile of wooden sabers and novice scrolls. "Oh my! You've fallen", he said in alarm.

"What's your name angel?" he said with a soft smile. She looked at him in silence wondering the same thing. "You look like you're in need of a good home to get you back on your feet. I think I can help you!"

"I've heard recent reports that there's a new clan being built on the southeastern edge of Buya. Here, take these coins to help you find your way. Stay clear of any wandering merchants, people talking to rocks or golden rabbits. Seek the guidance of a man donning golden robes and don't be alarmed if he tries to sell you bagged beans."