Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Truths and Lies" 2nd Place - Kilikia
Date :5/21
"Truths and Lies"

There was a time when I use to partake on evening outs at the local inn. I'd spend my time drinking brew celebrating the latest hunt, and listening to the stories of all the wandering adventures. Some of the stories told are obvious lies, others that could pass as true. However there are times when the joyous atmosphere can change from, sing and dance to heated debate. This happened to me once when someone, I do not know who, told a story unlike anything before. It all happened back in the year of Yuri 81?

I was partaking in some brew, singing with friends, when this guy came barreling through the door like a whirlwind. His sudden entrance made everyone in the inn glance towards him before going back to their business. The bearded man then stumbled on over to the one of the tables near myself and friends and began to request some wine from the inn keeper. While he was drinking more wine than any human could, my friends and I began our tradition story portion of our nightly activities. Boosting what we slain that day, the trails we faced, or spinning elaborate fake stories and seeing who was lying and not. But while we were conversing amongst ourselves the bearded man turn his head while raising his glass and said something to us.

"So that the craziest thing you greenhorns have seen, well that's nothing compared to a true veteran hunter like me". Miffed by this my friend said "Well what's something that you have seen that NONE OF US -hic- have seen." The bearded man stared at my friend with a piercing gaze before turning forward towards the table and finishing his drink. "I have captured the wind, slain a giant ice beast, but something that has shaken me the most was a bear walking on two feet, that was faster than most men can hope to be" he said. He then turned his gaze towards his empty jug got up and left before tossing a gold piece towards the inn keeper and leaving.

My friends laughed, and then argued at what the bearded man said, before all disappearing into the night. I woke up the next day in a daze of what had happen the night before, with little bits of what had happened, what I could not forget, was what that bearded man had said. I had never been so puzzled before by something, and with it never been so intrigued by the thought of it. I had to know the truth, so as soon as I okay I sat off.
It did not take long to find more rumors of this walking bear, before long I found myself wandering the wilderness for an old labyrinth. After passing though valleys and forests a plenty, I came across this old worn down archway with vines covering it. I took a long deep look at it before parting my way inside, not knowing what mysteries held inside.

I had face many bears and tigers but these were stronger than most. Their hide was like iron, strong, slow, but they still swung fast. I did not want to fight these beasts and ran as fast as I could, but as I was running the floor gave away and I fell.  I awoke in a strange room, with a man in the corner, and a bunch of chests, and two archways. I tried to talk to the man, but he said nothing, so I proceeded through an archway. Inside where giant tigers, all ready to pounce on me, but before them stood a bear on hind legs with a sword in his hand. Scared I ran out back into the room. Panting the man turned to me and said "So what's something that I have not seen?" I turned my head to see that man in the corner was none other than the bearded man. I chuckled and then laughed before getting up and tossing a gold piece on the ground and walked through the other archway.

Yuri is legend-name