Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"A life's worth" HM by Ellinia
Date :6/3
"A life's worth"

When you are asked what is a life worth to you what comes to mind? Do you think of money or a prized possession? Or perhaps you think of something much deeper within your soul, the very being of your essence. When I think of the question "What is this life worth to you?" I think of my honor, my values as a person. I think to myself, "What would I give in place of this persons life?" It is not money I would throw away to try to stave off death, or the things sitting upon my mantle that I cherish. But it is the things that have honed me to be who I am standing before you today. My heart that beats within my chest, my strength coursing through my veins that holds my blade high for those who need to be protected.

"What is a life worth to you?" Does it matter what the person did, are they a beggar or a thief, a royal or a soldier? Does their past influence your decision of their life's worth? It doesn't in my eyes. It didn't. When I stood with my blade dripping with crimson colored blood and my heart pounding in my chest. It didn't matter. What would you do if you had to measure a person's life against your own? Do you think your life would flash before your eyes in an instant or would it play out slowly so you would have time to enjoy it all over again and make a precise decision. For me, it was instant. There were glimpses of time that I saw at all at once, they almost seemed to meld together into one memory but I knew, I knew what they were. I could see myself in each of them. Deciphering the visions of the past as if it were the last time I would see them.

"What is a life worth to you?" What would you choose? Yourself, or a stranger? It is your natural instinct to want to save your own life. But when you fight past that drive inside yourself, to push that feral beast away and look them in the eyes and think clearly with a mind that will view all the options infront of you, it is an odd sense of clarity. What would you choose? What did I choose... As I looked at them on their knees, looking back at me with pleading eyes and a blade to their kneck. The question being asked of me over and over. No one moved for a long time.

"What is a life worth to you?" How would you save them, if you could? In that situation I was in, how would you save them. Would you look for an opening and try to take it? I did, but there was none. Their eyes watched me closely until I took a breath and my eyes narrowed at them.

"Everything." What is a life worth to you? Would you sacrifice yourself for another? As I felt my own blade peirce the inside of my gut the man holding the blade to the one kneeling smiled and dropped the knife. I saw the man kneeling sigh in relief and sag to the floor and the other man walk outside of the room.

Then everything went black.
<b>What... is... a life worth... to you?