Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Story of Sawol" 2nd place by Kyoukai
Date :6/3
"Story of Sawol"

My name is Sa Wol, I'm 35 years old. I live in a small
hut in the outskirt of Buya. I work as a carpenter,
it's not a rewarding job, but I like making things.
I don't live alone. I have a wife, we're' married
for 7 years already with no children.

My wife was depressed. We tried so many times to have
a child, but we can't. We asked the help of Monk to pray
for us, asked Shaman to do some rituals, it didn't help.
We went to the top of mountain, and pray to the God, it
still didn't help.

We always take a walk near the river, once a week to release
stress. And one day, we heard cries from a bushes. We were
curious, but also scared at the same time. Slowly, we walked
toward the cries, to find out that someone abandoned a newborn.

My wife picked him up and hugged him. He was covered in a
white cloth. The wind was pretty strong, we took him home.
The baby keep crying, he was hungry but we didn't know what
to give him. My wife stayed at home while I went out to ask
the elders. Then I got some milk that can be given to babies,
and went back swiftly.

Our live was changed tremendously. Every morning, my wife
always taking care of the baby first and I need to prepare
for my own breakfast. She didn't work as much as before, she
only weave in her mean time.

A few months had passed since then. My home was tidier and
cleaner than before. My wife was still as busy as before,
but something changed. She smiles a lot, when she spend time
with the baby. She wasn't depressed anymore. She kept talking
about the baby development. She found a new hope, a new light
in her life.

Now, it's already 3 years since we raised our son. We named him
Joh Eun. It means 'Good' as he brought our family closer.
I didn't know that saving a life would change my family
to a better one. I'm glad that we met him that day, we were
able to save him, and our family.

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