Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Taking a chance" - HM - Rogule
Date :6/19
*You hear the sound of a liquid dripping on the ground* Sweat dripping, dripping from my brow.  Clothes sticky, drenched from my sweat, and the blood and sap of my enmies.  Driven with purpose, I work tirelessly to train my mind and body for the trials ahead.

I AM taking a chance.  I am taking the chance that I will fall short of my mark.  Fall short of my mark in other ways after focusing wholeheartedly on this endeavor.  I've aligned my mind, body, spirit, and wealth with a sense of purpose.

*the dripping continues* Will I be cultured enough  to face the great judge, Bon Hwa?  Her whispy hair and skeletal face observe me.  The sunken red eyes move lifelessly in their sockets, judging.  Choosing whether I am worthy or capable of more burden.  She weighs my knowledge, wealth, physique, among other things.  But does she see all of my toils?

Have I laid axe and blade to wood, and developed the products?  Have I toiled in the quarry, and over the smelter, and forge?  Have I worked the fields, sheered the sheep and worked the spindle and loom until my fingers are raw, bleeding and swollen?  No.  I rely on my whit and intellect to display my "culture".  The actions of my hands should be spent writing, but the rest of my body should be put to the forge of battle, destroying those that threaten our homelands.

I am fit for the task.  *you hear slight grunting, and then the sound of a body hitting the ground.  You hear the breath escape, and squirming for only a moment before becoming still as the grass and leaves rustle around it* I am fit to fight harder than ever before. I am "taking a chance" in telling you this, and in hoping you agree.

*slowly, several monsters begin to close in around him, as he looks around, he drops a small ball to the ground.  As smoke billows up, he disappears.  As you hear drips moving around the room, bodies begin to slump to the ground sequentially*

*as the dripping continues, you hear the grating of a stone, and sunlight enters the dark chamber.  The stone again closes over the hole and sunlight is blocked out once again.  You believe you saw a faint shift in shadow while the cave entrance was open, but you can't be sure.  The dripping is gone now.  Moved on to greater tasks*

Submitted by Rogule