Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Taking a chance" - 2nd place - Fenix
Date :6/19
"Taking a chance"

Long time ago, I was a peasant wandering in the streets of Kugnae looking for daily food and shelter. Whether rain or shine, I packed my belonging early in the morning, said good-bye to Walsuk, and visited the market to see if there was a job for me. I regard myself as a reckless back then, as I ventured around in the kingdom hunting rabbits, squirrels, and rats for food and a big game animal for trade. One day, as I was chasing a squirrel as usual, I discovered a large building with the magnificent dragon statue in the front.

As I stepped into the building, I was mesmerized by its grand hall leading to a large door ahead. I carefully made my way through and behold, there was a man shining with glory standing at the end. His name was TeBaek, my guild master who would forever change my life for good.

Years have passed, I have met many adventurers, ventured to many places, and garnered finest weapons and armors in the kingdom. When I look back the day I entered my master's guild, I took a chance of becoming something that I am proud of. I am now old, but I am proud to say a defender of Kugnae, and all its inhabitants. My advice to young ones is, take a chance in your life and venture around, as it will inspire you to seek and achieve something even greater.  

*None of the names used belong to any existing/previous playable characters*