Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Taking a chance" - 1st Place - Athael
Date :6/19
                    A Chance Well Taken

  Twas a night just unlike any other, yet like every other. The streets echoed with the sounds of glee, the rooftops serenaded by the sorrowful song of the fading sun. As always, I found myself outside the mouth of my clan's cave, staring up dreamily into a partially moon and sunlit sky. The colors of the two skies mixed before my eyes, the fading orange of the dying day, and the vibrant purple of a newborn night. I sighed, enjoying the art of nature playing before my eyes. As I stared off into the swirling sky, I heard a sound from the woods outside that I'd never heard before. The sound froze my blood, crystallizing each drop to the point that my skin formed small bumps. The sound was akin to that of an enraged bear, yet mixed with the pitch of a dying rabbit. Finally my muscles loosened enough for me to shiver.

   As I regained control of my body my first thought was to call over to my brothers. Usually these sort of "adventures" would get their blood pumping. However as I sat there, my blood slowly uncrystallizing, I realized that my blood was pulsing... maybe even... pumping as well. This was an odd experience for me, something I was not used to feeling. The purple of the newly born night sky completely overtook the orange of the dying day as my thoughts raced and blood began to boil. Closing my eyes I set off, into the deep woods, to find the cause of the odd sound. This was one chance I would not miss out on.

  Metal and ironwood flashed as axe clashed against axe in the deep woods. I worked my way through the thick brush of the woods, trying to find the cause of the sounds I was hearing. As my view cleared a grand sight met my eyes. Metal met stone as a warrioress with rage burning in her eyes battled a giant moving tree weilding an axe forged of stone. I pushed further through the brush, watching the battle carefully. The night sky around the warrioress seemed to be lit by the rage burning within her. I couldn't take my eyes off her movements in battle, even as green slime ejected from the strange foe she was facing. As the intense battle went on I finally made my way into the clearing. I started forward, as if to help, but felt my feet freeze in place as the rage filled glare of the warrioress met my gaze.

  The battle raged on, and I was powerless to help or retreat. I could feel my healing magics flowing througout my body, energy waiting to be released if needs be. Finally I heard that cry again, a bear's ferocity mixed with the pitch of a rabbit's death. The warrioress put everything into a final assault, I could feel all of her energies leaving her. The mighty tree fell, green ooze flowing everywhere. The warrioress reached into her pack, and attempted to bring a blossom of life to her lips, but the energy to do so just wasn't there. As she swayed on the edge of collapse I loosed my magics upon her, restoring her vigor. Her eyes met mine, and a small smile lit her face, but as fast as the smile crossed her lips she disappeared, activating her gateway.

   It was a chance meeting I would never forget. A meeting that I have sought and forever will seek out for the rest of my days. That meeting changed the direction of my life forever, and is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. So remember, when the opportunity presents itself, take a chance. Don't let an experience that may be once in a lifetime pass you by.

-Athael Wolvenborne