Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Sits down and rants" HM by Mythos
Date :7/2
                 *Sits down and rants*

So apparently there is this story about what's in a
wild man's beard. Immediately I thought "who the hell cares?"
but then I heard around it's something very unusual and out
of the ordinary. Being a city guy I never leave my comfort
zone, I mean who wants to go hangout with a bunch of savages
with their dirty axes full of blood, ughh. My curious nature
made me want to investigate on the matter. I went around town
asking "Do you know what is in a Barbarian's beard?", sadly
no old timer could tell me which shocked me since they are
supposed a whole lot of uninteresting stories. Looks like I
have no other choice, but to venture into the wilderness and
ask these brutes..sigh.

Crazy thing is when I finally arrived near their home
(apparently a cave is a home but they who I am to judge).
I was actually welcomed by them which stunned me to be quite
frank. I was straight up to their leader and wanted to know
what's in a Barb's beard. He simply said" If you train and
live like us, maybe, maybe I will tell ya!". I was a bit
hesitant, what if that training involved me being their
 slave or even worst.. their bait for when they hunt? I
ain't no scaredy-cat so I took the challenge.

For months I did as the Elder of the Barbs said, everyday.
I went hunting, ate with them, took care of the offsprings,
basically socializing with them. Boy let me tell you,
the never once gave me a hint, so one day I came up to him
while he was doing nothing. "Are you finally going to tell
me what's in your beard?!" I said. He said "It's been there
for.. I'd say around 6 months.. no 7 months". I was like"
what do you mean <there> all this time". Old man looked at
me and laughed " Bahah, you've got a beard just like us now!
You lived with us and learned the way we live, our beards
reflect our life".  Dedication,Courage,Patience and of course
a beard always looks nice!

<b>The end.