Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"The Barbarian and his beard" 2nd place bt MolVier
Date :7/2
The Barbarian and his beard

A long time ago, when I was a young mage. I ran into a barbarians beard. It smelled foul, and I even thought I saw a finger in there. Perhaps it was the remains of a chonguns. It was grizzly and fierce.

I took my leave at once, but he wasn't having any part of it. He chased me down through the wilderness. Running through the thick woods, thinking I had made my escape from him but at last an axe came flying through the air at me. I just manage to dodge the full impact of it but it had caught my robe and ripped through it.

Knowing I couldn't outrun the barbarian. I summoned a hellfire, from the depths of Naraka. It rained down on him like lava and meteors from the sky. He quickly threw his shield up and blocked the impact. With a grin in his eye and the smell of singed hairs from his beard, he leapt towards me like a tiger.

 With a quick Kar'ak from his double edged axe he smashed me in the head. I passed out unconcious. Waking to a dark lit cave, the smell of death lingered in the air. I tried to move but could not. My arms and legs were bound tightly and I knew there was no escape. I asked "What do you want with me? I did nothing to you" With a flash he was there in my face with an axe pressed to my neck. "Why did you run from me!?" he demanded, With shock in my eyes I couldn't utter much but some mumbles. "COWARD!" He shouted at me again.

Taking a deep breath, I replied to him "You smell like death and your beard terrified me" with a laugh he cut my leg bindings and grabbed my arms and pulled me foward some and cut those ties as well. He smirked and said, "Young mage, thank you for the chase earlier.. I haven't had that much fun since the last Chongun raid, you're free to go, I just wanted to terrify and torment you some."

With shock and utter surprise I decided to take my leave and never return again to that place in the wilderness. Let this be a lesson to you all about Barbarians and their beards.