Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"What's in a barbarian beard" 1st by Blorkin
Date :7/2
I once knew a Barbarian, an incredibly large man. The feature that most knew him for was his beard. It was the biggest beard in the land! We had a chat one day, about many things. Family, friends, hobbies. You name it, we spoke of it.

 One thing I had always wondered about though was the beard, so I bid my time and looked for the perfect time to inquire. I didn't need to though, as one of the topics led to that. He asked if I wanted to meet his wife and child, and I did! So he called to her, and from out of his beard came a woman carrying a child. I was surprised to say the least, but as the discussion went on I found that he had an entire home inside of his beard! It was absolutely a much larger beard than I had imagined.

He said that it all started when he was looking for a way to carry around more of his belongings, to be able to have his sword, axe, spears, brew, and anything else he needed on hand at any moment. As time went on though, his family home was destroyed in an invasion moons ago. He figured that his beard was large enough to keep his family safe and warm, so they stayed there for the night.

 Over the weeks that came. he began planning the construction of a new home, in the image of their old one. As it came closer to completion, he got thinking that he enjoyed having his family so close to him, as they slept and kept warm in his own beard. The plan had to change, he decided. The home would have to be reconfigured and placed inside of his beard, for the safety of his family.

 He did have to seek assistance from some of the mages of the land, but what he envisioned was finally completed. In a way, what is inside of this Barbarians beard is much more than you could imagine. It is family, it is love. They say home is where the heart is, and this is correct. He sought to protect that which he loves, and he found how to do so. Wherever this man is, so is his home.