Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Death of an Angel", HM by Shirker
Date :7/14
It all started while I was out drinking with some fellow barbarians, we were having some ale and I had to visit the trees outside. On my stroll I couldn't help but notice a little flash of light out of the coner of my eye, on pure instinct I pullled out my axe, and was in stance, ready to strike. Then I realized the flash was a small beam, hovering over a specific location, and the beam was getting thinner by the second.

It drew my attention, I wasn't one to do anything about it, not being my business and all, but I thought I'd trek the trail and travel to see what it was, I mean, it wasn't really something you see every day. The hike was longer than I anticipated, in fact before I realized it, I was hours away from the cave. I kept getting closer but the light was beginning to die out and I still was not even close to it. I continued, but hours became a day, and a day became a week, soon it had been months, and I was climbing the mountain quicker then I ever had.

I began to wonder if the people I left behind were beginning to miss me or wonder what happened to me. The barbarian in me knew that they wouldn't worry, because I'm a surivor, but this mission was becoming impossible. Then when I finally climbed the mountain top, I saw it...

Before my very eyes lied something so pure, I couldn't hold back the tear the fell through my cheek. There it was, wings spread across the floor, blood in its mouth, I asked, "What is the meaning of this". To which they answered, "I'm here with a message" *cough* "A message for you"... What could it be? I wondered, and without a second thought I asked... "What is it? What do you need to tell me?"... She answered, "You already learned of what I needed on your way here, the kindom needs more like you willing to risk everything over a sign, go tell the others what you have learned."

In shock I didn't know what to say... Then it hit me, we have to be willing to sacrifice anything to save a dying light.