Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Death of an Angel", 2nd place by MUSA
Date :7/14
"Death of an Angel"

In everyone's life, there's an angel somewhere. My angel was Ginko, a pet monkey. He was always there wherever I was, whether hunting, farming, or even traveling to Gogoon Island. It's difficult though, when you have to let go.

Many years ago, I found Ginko abandoned in the ginko wood orchard. He was badly injured and needed the medical attention right away. Thankfully, I was a trained healer under my master Jinsun, and I spent great energy and time restoring the life of this poor fellow creature. Afterward, I took him back to Walsuk Inn where I was staying and gave food and water while he fully recovered. During that time, I began to befriend this monkey and even named him Ginko, as I found him by the Ginko wood orchard. He was a great companion, life long friend, and brought much happiness in my life.

One day, as I was walking through the forest with Ginko to see my master, a feral wolf jumped out of nowhere and started charging towards me. I was in such panic that I was unable to move, but suddenly, Ginko stood in front of me and took a serious bite. I quickly took out a wooden stick in my bag and used all my might to scare the wolf away. When I reached Ginko, he was badly hurt and unconscious that my healing was useless.

Quickly, I carried Ginko on my back and ran toward Dusk shaman in Kugnae, and asked her for help. There was a feeling of coldness over me, as if the wind was alive listening to when I was sad, waiting for a time to come. He couldn't die. I spent the whole night waiting outside, and eventually fell asleep. When I had woken up the next morning, I didn't know what to think. Eventually, Dusk came out and explained to me what had happened. Ginko was dead.                

I can remember crying all day and all that night. It was a huge shock. For the rest of the day I didn't do much but cry. I can definitely remember Ginko had a special place in my heart.

*None of the names used belong to any playable characters*