Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Good Bye", 1st place by Jinsei
Date :7/14
"Good Bye"

The birds began to crow just as the sun made its way through the window covers. Today, she did not wait. Her feet were already planted on the floor, leaving the comforts of her bed. "Inhale conviction. Exhale hestitations," she muttered to herself. She closed her eyes again to mentally prepare herself.

The water was poured into the pot to boil for tea. She gazed out the window, watching shopkeepers begin their day. She, too, must begin her day. "As soon as the tea is completed," she sighed. She needed to dress her child.

She allowed the blinking of her eyes to last a little longer, pulling upon the memories of her husband. "A happy mother. A happy child," he would chime those words as he put his cheek to her belly. But this was before he disappeared at sea.

She tilted her head and closed her eyes, imagining herself rid the boulders that weighed the corners of her mouth down. "A happy mother. A happy child." She recited to herself.

When she opened her eyes again, the water was ready for tea. She must move on with her day.

Her feet found their way to the room. She moved towards her baby and smiled. Her fingers caressed his hand while she marveled at how small he is... But, it's not like things would change.

She placed his arms in each sleeve and put his pants on. Lifting his body up off the bed, she held him to her. He felt colder than she would have liked. So, she put her cheek to his and smiled wistfully. There was no chance of her keeping him warm.

And then she found herself frowning again. Her parents would arrive soon. They promised to make all of the arrangements. She wanted to at least dress her child... for the last time.

It only happened just the other night. When the screaming of childbirth ceased, all that remained were the incessant apologies the midwife offered her. It wasn't the midwife's fault. Perhaps it was the gods calling upon her child.

She curled her fingers around his again, this time kissing him on the forehead. "Goodbye, my Angel."