Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :How to host a story contest
Date :7/14

  If your clan, subpath, or ministry would like to sponsor a story contest, you must first send an n-mail to Iyagi; make sure to include an outline listing your theme and the prizes you're offering for first place, second place, and honorable mention. Once your contest has been approved, we will let you know. These contests are for the entire community, so as a result, you will be given 1200 tribute points for your sponsorship.

 Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a story contest. We hope to hear from you soon.



NOTE: It is the host's responsibility to distribute
prizes to each Story Contest winner. If the host
fails to distribute these prizes within a two weeks
they will not receive tribute for the Story Contest.
Please be sure to n-mail Brunhilde after
you have handed the prizes out to each winner.


The <Organization Name> is/are proud to present this story contest.

Date: <leave it blank>

Theme: <Theme>

Prizes will be given as follows:

First Place: <Prize>
Second Place: <Prize>
Third Place: <Prize>

In addition, winners will receive a brand for their hard work. Good luck, and thank you for taking interest in this contest.