Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :HM by Choji
Date :7/29
"The more gentle strength"

The wandering ranger says,

" Please don't harm any of the animals that don't attack you.
They have a reason of living just like you and I. The ones that
do are the ones that we are tracking so they don't come into
town to harm the civilians. "

I asked the ranger, " What do you do with the animal after you
tag it? "

The ranger says, " I take It as far away from the town as I
can so It does no harm to anyone else. "

The two go out and hunt down a golden wolf, as they hide by
the rocks they take a shot at the wolf and It faints into a
deep sleep. The two men take the wolf down south and release

The man tells the tracker, " You must be " The Gentle One " every one in town is calling you. "

The wanderering tracker says,
" So thats what they call me eh? "

<b>                        To be continued...