Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :1st place by WestLight
Date :7/29
"The gatekeeper"

In a far Kingdom to the east of Buya, past the Islets and the Forests, lied a great wall. The great wall seemed to be guarding nothing at first, but of course that would be it's beauty. The Wall separated the world from The Unseen Kingdom. Many riches and secrets would be shared with those who would encounter The Unseen Kingdom, but nobody had ever gone.

That is because the wall was unclimbable, the legend states that the wall is protected by ancient magical spells that no one has been able to decypher. The only way through the wall into The Unseen Kingdom is through its gate. Infront of the immense Gate that holds passage to the kingdom lies a man the size of a small house. A bigger man has never been seen in the Kingdom and he is said to have the strength of 80 men.

The Gatekeeper offers a challenge in order to see who is worthy of passing, the challenge is, "Move Me." That's all the great Gatekeeper says.

Every week hundreds of the strongest men venture out to claim the riches of the Unseen Kingdom, and yet nobody has been able to move the Gatekeeper. Men have brought different inventions, using ropes and rocks to attempt to sweep him off his feet, but to no avail.

It seems impossible to visit The Unseen Kingdom, and yet every day there are more and more challengers. Near the wall there is a small town, that happens to harbor a little girl, known for having the most dearest of smiles. The little girl dreams of making all sorts of friends inside The Unseen Kingdom, she cares not for the riches nor the secrets.

Her parents never let her go to the gate because they don't want to risk her hurting herself, especially with all the strong men around, it could be dangerous. But on the day of her eigth birthday, after years of begging, her parents decided they would go with her to give her a chance, "Why Not?" they thought to themselves, as long as they were there to protect her.

And so they headed off, the path normally took but thirty minutes, but on this day it took them 3 hours to arrive, that is because the little girl was looking for the perfect gift to give the Gatekeeper, until she finally found the most beautiful flower the land had to offer.

She hurried back to the cart with a smile from ear to ear, she couldn't believe she finally found the perfect gift. As soon as they arrived they had to make the line which lasted over an hour, so many people wanted to try to push the Gatekeeper, but no one could succeed, he wouldn't even budge. Until it was the little girls turn. She went up to the side of the Gatekeeper and gently tugged on his pants, he looked down at her, something he hadn't done since the gate was discovered, to take his eyes off the horizon, and then the little girl simply held her hands towards the Gatekeeper, revealing a most beautiful flower. The Gatekeeper reached for the flower, and the little girl turned around to meet her parents back at the cart.

This is when the Gatekeeper opened the great doors to the Kingdom of the Unseen. She turned around at the loud noise and her jaw dropped to the floor. She couldn't believe it, she struggled to gather her things and begin her new walk, and as she was passing the Gatekeeper told her, "The weight of the gate is not that of stone, but that of compassion. Many men have strength that can move mountains, but you little girl, are the only one who so far has had the strength to move a heart."