Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :Story Contest Guidelines
Date :7/29
Story Contest Guidelines

The Story Contest is a weekly contest, which is open to all members of the community. You are invited to share your stories and participate in the contest. There will be three places awarded for the top stories, with prizes consisting of legend marks and other prizes, depending on the sponsor.

Before participating, please review the following rules:

1. Entries will only be accepted from currently registered characters. No late entries will be accepted. You are given ample time to write your story.

2. You MUST NOT submit your story to the Story Contest board. Please send the story to "Iyagi" and she will make sure it is posted without your name for the sake of judging. Winning posts will be posted with the author's name.

3. Entries may not be submitted on behalf of another character, past or present. If such an entry is received, it will be considered plagiarized.

4. A total of three places will be awarded for each contest. The judges' decisions in this matter are final:
 -First Place
 -Second Place
 -Honorable Mention

5. Entries must not exceed a single n-mail in length.

6. Entries must be "In Character".

7. Only one entry will be permitted per person. Note that this is not a per-character rule, but per person. If you have multiple characters, you may not submit an entry for each of them.

8. All entries must be your own, original, unpublished work. Note that your entry may not be published to any medium (e.g., the Internet, in print, even not in another Story contest in Nexus etc.) even if you wrote it.

9. Your entry must be your sole work; you may not collaborate with friends, colleagues, family, or anyone else to create your submission.

10. All entries must comply with any other applicable Nexus and/or Kru Interactive laws, rules, and regulations.

11. Entries are not allowed to have any alcohol/drug/smoking references. Nor are sexual innuendo's permitted.

12. You may not submit an entry if you have been banned in any form from Revels to Riches or the Story Contest. Ban legend marks are permanent, and will never be removed from a character's legend.

13. Story contest entries are no longer allowed to contain lines or characters not pertaining to the story itself.  This includes all "ASCII" and "artwork" or "decorations" made by using assorted characters found on your keyboard.  The contest entry should only include the title (if applicable), the story, and the EXACT name of the author at the bottom.  This is a Story contest, not an art contest.  Story contest entries not following this rule will not be counted in the contest

14. Your entry must not contain any game name inside the story.  If any name other than an NPC or Event character appears inside your story, it will be disqualified and you will be notified.
You may not use any character names, or hints (such as a profile title) that may identify a person. You may use legend names, such as Mupa, Orb, etc.

If your entry includes any names, you must add a record at the end of your work that you certify that none of the names used belong to any existing/previously existed characters. If your entry includes NPC-, Event or Legend names you also add a record at the end of your work that you certify that  the names used belong to such a character. (If your work takes up the whole n-mail, you may send it in a separate n-mail, following your entry)
Sample:  The names XXX and YYY are not existing/previous character names.
               Dionysus is NPC-name
               Blight is Legend-name

Common names like "Lee" and "Mary" are excluded from the above, but are subject to investigation from the Revels Department. Revels Department reserves rights to deny your story/ask for the name to be changed.