Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :HM by InnerRage
Date :8/13
<b>The Day the Ogres Went Missing

Jok Wee, a young treasure hunter wakes up in the evening about
to start his 'day'.
He is a married man and his wife, Ann Hok, doesn't know that he is a treasure hunter. To her, Jok Wee is just an ordinary fisherman.

A typical 'day' for Jok Wee usually start with him at
the Hamgyong River where he steals some of the Ogres' fish to present to his beloved wife. He then continues to the Supply Line to raid some crates hoping for some valuables he could sell at the market.

Tonight is the lunar eclipse, those short-sighted Ogres
will not be able to see anything. They will not know what hit them until it's too late.So just like any other night, Jok Wee kisses his wife goodbye before he heads out to the Hamgyong River.

True enough, it's pitch black at the River. Even the trained hunter struggles to see, but he is still able to navigate along the River. He follows his normal path, but senses that something is different.

The usual putrid fishy smell is replaced by the refreshing scent of Pine from the Pine trees surrounding the River. He shuts his eyes to heighten his other senses, but he could not hear any Ogres' heavy footsteps or their roaring snore. All he can hear is the sound of the River flowing. Fear starts to creep into the young hunter's nerve.

Jok Wee now expects an ambush. Surprisingly, he manages to crawl his way to the Supply Line without any trouble. He prepares his Slogs club but there is no Ogre guarding the entrance. His heart-beat is rising, expecting the worst, Jok Wee put on his spell of Invisibility and enter the Supply Line.

In a normal night, he can see Ogres running around carrying crates, but tonight....

Jok Wee can spot no Ogres.

"This is not normal, has the ogres somehow found out about my identity?", he starts to panic thinking about his beloved wife at home. With haste, Jok Wee rushes home.

The lights are off, it's almost dawn. He slowly open the door and straight away he notices the slight familiar smell of fish from the River inside his house. He rushes to their bedroom, slam the door open and yell "DEAR, where are you!!". Feeling surprised, Ann Hok jumped off the bed.

Gaining his composure, Jok Wee says "The sea was rough, I could not find anything so I returned early."

"Why were you screaming then dear?" ask Ann Hok.

Trying to sound less worried he says "I came home and the door were open and I could smell something fishy and I know we're out of fish so i thought...."
before he could finish his sentence, Ann Hok stands up and say, "Oh! Yes! The fish! I forgot to put them in the storage!! Oh my!!"
She goes to the living area and put the fish in their storage

Still riddled with the situation he asks "Where did you get the fish? Did you buy them?"

"Oh! I noticed you forgot your fishing rod, so I chased after you but when I reach the shore I could not spot you so I thought you sailed away" She answered.

Starting to feel agitated for not getting an answer Jok Wee ask again "The fish, where did you get them from?!"

She then explains the full story

During Lunar eclipse, the area around the River and the Supply Line gets too dark for ogre to operate, so bathing in starlight they go to the shore to catch as much fish as they can to last them until the next eclipse. This explains why the ogres are always smell like rotten fish because they store and eat a decade worth of fish.

Not being able to spot her husband, she was about to head home when she spotted the swarm of ogres fishing. The ogres manage to catch some good quality fish and being short sighted
they were not able to realize that their good quality fish has been stolen.

Having experienced this event, Jok Wee now knows that during lunar eclipse he should just go to the shore and steal the good quality fish and sell them to the market at a premium price.

This is the story of The Day the Ogres Went Missing

**Jok Wee and Ann Hok are not an existing/previous character**