Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :HM by Chuk
Date :8/26
"Under a full moon"

    The sun was setting, the air is full of turbulence from the wind vibrating through the trees making it hard to listen.There was a slight smell of moisture in the air. It will rain within the hour. I can barely make out the dark bubbly clouds rapidly forming above my head, but I can't stop yet.
     This is the hardest I have ever ran in my life. I decided to take the opportunity just earlier today to steal a map. Now what I did not know is this map was highly saught after.  Now I have Army personnel, spies, bounty hunters, and everything else under the sun it seems like chasing me. I've had spears thrown at me, I've been caught into ambushes in alleyways, but now I'm finally in my home: the wilderness.
     The man I stole this map from was some hermit with no real identifying features. He had a small house, with small windows, and an even smaller door to the entrance. If I thought about it more I may have expected it to be rather odd like he was keeping people out... or something in. But alas, here I am now running for my life. I might as well go to where this map leads while I'm running, right? So that leads us to where I am now.
    I narrowly avoided the city and entered my home just 2 hours ago, and they are still hot on my trail. These people definitely know what they are doing. What they don't know, however, is how to survive in the woods like I do. The setting sun and storm coming shortly will definitly give me an advantage. Currently I have had no chance to read this map since I first saw it. Something about "follow the south to the rock of heavens." No idea what that means, but I know the word south!
     The rain starts to drizzle. I have just a little more time to go before I can rest. I start getting careless. I'm darting in between trees and jumping over rocks. I mistep ever so slightly, but I'm so tired I collapse to the ground and roll. And roll. And roll. What is happening? I've been here thousands of times, the ground should be flat. I come to a screeching halt against a wall. Am I in a cave? This can't be right but I am!
   This is my only shelter and I am fairly stuck in here. There is no way out at the current moment, so I might as well wait out the storm. I try to listen for approaching enemies, but the rain is now beating on like war drums. It's impossible. There is no cover in this cave either, and now I am getting drenched. I search around the pitch black cave, and realize it's hardly that. The cave as I call it is just a small room-sized hole about 20 feet in the ground it turns out. It's starting to fill with water. I dig into the sides, only to be covered in mud. This is going to be my resting ground I think.
    It has now been 3 hours in this mud soup of a cave. The storm is fading off, and I can finally hear. I pull out my map out of curiousity, since there is nothing else I can do. I examine it top to bottom, now soaking wet. It's illegible. All that work for nothing.
    I ponder, what would have happened if I actually found this majestic place everyone looked for? Would I be rich? Would I be famous? Would I have found my one true love? The scenarious are endless.
    Footsteps approach. I know these people aren't just going to let me off because the map can't be read. I hear their voices. I look up and I see light from a torch. They know where I am. This is definitely the end. Was it worth it? That's what might be the last words of any thief that got caught. Knowing there is no escape, I look into the sky. The clouds have opened up just enough to reveal that it's a full moon tonight, and boy is it spectacular. The stars glisten gently through the misty clouds above while the moon radiates through the silhouettes of men peering down at me. A darkened line shows before me, and quickly morphs into a sphere. So now I ask myself, was this worth it? Well, I got to see the most beautiful moonlit night I have seen in my life. So, yes, it was worth it.