Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :2nd place by Clarity
Date :8/26
I headed to Buya library at evening to study more about lunar energy. I randomly grabbed a book which was catching my eyes. The book cover was shimmering, as if it was made out of moonlight. As I opened the first page, there was a vivid painting of a gigantic full moon on the sea. There was a starry night sky, thin clouds decorating night sky like silk ribbon, and a huge bright full moon on the sky, and moon reflection on the sea. The painting was stunning. I touched the moon In painting, stared at it for awhile. I started to feel sleepy, and leaned against my arm. My Eyes were closing, and I felt asleep.

Long time ago, there was an era without moon. There was a greedy witch who wanted to keep the eternal light and immortality. She attempted to steal the moon from the sky. But it was impossible for her to detach the moon from the sky. Who wouldn't want immortality, but there was only one moon in the world, and it was fair to everyone. She kept making explosive potion to steal moon from the sky. She tried out her new explosive potion every night. After awhile, she was confidence about the potion she made. She thought it was enough to destroy chain of the moon. She ran to the night sky, and threw the potion toward the moon. "BOOM!" There was a huge flash with explosive roar. There was something wrong. She put too much explosive ingredients, resulted in destroying the entire moon.

The moon was shattered away. The pieces of the moon were shattered into many different places. People lost the moon, just because of the greedy witch. The moon never appeared on the sky since it was missing pieces. People blamed the witch, and they looked for the witch to punish. However, the witch already hid away from the world, and never been found. People held a grudge on her, but never lost a hope. They searched for pieces of shattered moon every night for years.  Many lives were sacrificed from tough moon hunting. From their all the efforts, they finally found almost all of moon pieces. There was only a piece of moon missing.

When an orphaned girl was on her journey, she was sitting next to a deep lake. She found something shining in the water. She wondered if that was the last piece of the shattered moon. She couldn't swim, but she wanted to stop further sacrifice. She dove into the water to retrieve the moon piece. However, the water was much deeper than she thought, and the shining piece was still far away. She held breath, and rushed toward the shining piece. It was deep inside water, everything was dark but the shining piece. When she finally fell near the shining piece, she was highly shocked. It wasn't piece of moon, but a poisonous dragon's golden eye. As soon as the dragon made an eye contact with the girl, it chased her all of sudden. She couldn't scream but struggled to escape from the dragon. The dragon rolled its body to suffocate her. When the dragon opened its mouth, there was something shimmering in its mouth. It was the last piece of the moon!

 She tried to remember clear water song, which destroys poisoned energy or creatures, and tried to sing it. She was almost losing consciousness, but didn't give up. As soon as she finished singing the clear water song, the dragon started to melt down into the water. The moon piece sunk down to the bottom, as well as her body. On the next day, a fisherman found the moon piece and her dead body. Her sacrifice and death was announced, and people started to hold rituals for her spirit every year.

After I woke up, I heard sound of Sogo drum with magical Kayagum from the outside. There was ritual of the moon going on. It was about commemorating the girl and other people's dedication. The moon was bigger and brighter today. There was thin cloud enclosing the moon. It looked as if the moon was wearing white silk dress. Underneath the full moon, cherry blossoms were blowing as if the girl's spreading her floral laughter to the world.