Board :Story Contest
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :2nd place by Jinsei
Date :9/10
She wrapped her arm around my body. She looked to me for warmth. The clan that protected her had perished. She is alone. A densely green wilderness surrounds her, a hundred hops in every direction. The provisions her people brought into the wilderness would be scavenged entirely by now. Even if there were fifty of us rabbits to comfort her, the weak body she wears would not last. She is only a child. Her fate is almost certain.

<b>I will stay with her for a while.

We have seen the moon appear now. We have not traveled far. She has stopped spreading tears and has begun speaking in her tongue to me. She must know that she will perish. My comrades would speak in riddles when they knew their fate. Arbed, our leader, did so as well. He was a great Golden Rabbit, strongest amongst the foliage. One time he felled two peasants. It was glorious.

After the Great Betrayal, Arbed spoke to me before he died. He told me not to blame our foes, to survive, to look forward. He made me promise this code.

I have honoured this code. I have survived, but I do not feel better. I have survived for Arbed and now for this girl. She has paled. She has not eaten well, nor had she had water for some time. It would be better to leave her for the wolves. Have her leave this world, end her suffering.

<b>I will stay with her for a while longer.

She cannot survive on the leaves and berries alone. My body is too small to carry her on my back. She is as white as bark. The night only gets darker. I am weary.

The howling of wolves can be heard in the distance. Now is the time to be diligent.

I have prayed, Arbed, I have prayed.

I do only what I could ever do. I nudge at the girl and begin in the direction of my hiding hole. If we are not careful, she will certainly die.

The wolves can be heard only so many hops away now. It is only the girl and me now. Her body rests against the tree as my senses stay alert. This is not the time to falter.

<b>I will watch over her for only a while longer. . .