Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :"Right and Duty" By XGarmaX
Date :1/2
Many Yuri ago there was a boy from Paekjae, who lived just outside the gates of the luxurious capital. Everyday with excitement he leapt out of his bed and peered out the second story window of his home to watch the guardsman riding out to the countryside, with such gallantry hoping he could join one day. After the riders passed by, he would go to his toy chest and pull out his wooden horse and begin running around the room with it. "Come on Xerses! Faster!" He'd yell at the top of his lungs, hoping to encourage the wooden horse to gallop just a bit faster. Routinely, his father would look upon him with a smile across his face peering through the guard rail at the top of the stairs, witnessing his son pretending to be a cavalry man. "haha, alright soldier! it's time for breakfast!" He cheerfully exclaimed. His son smiled and ran down the stairs past him, with the wooden horse in the air, above his head, clutched by his outstretched hand.

The boy ran to his mother hugging the back of her legs. "Hi mommy!" he cheerfully smiled letting go of her legs. She turned around and gathered him up in her arms and spun them around in a circle, each smiling and laughing, before setting him back down. "Sit down and let's eat before your father has to go." With a big grin the boy ran to the table, setting his horse next to the plate has mother had just got done preparing. A few seconds later all sitting down at the table with their son in between loving parents. Before each meal the father would recite his chongun creed taught to him by his elder. The boy growing slightly older would begin simultaneously reciting it alongside his father, or at least the parts he could remember. Following the last sentence, "...regards all life as precious and shuns wonton killing," the father and son would both look at each other with a big smile upon each others face they would stand up in a heroic pose with right arm outstretched giving a thumbs up. This melted the mothers heart each time she would witness it, her son following in the footsteps of the man she loved, nothing could bring her more joy.

A knock was heard upon the chamber door from the outside, the father stood up and answered it. It was a Paekjaen soldier, weathered a few of his black whiskers upon his chin  had begun fading to gray. "Hello Captain! We are ready to move out." The soldier notified the father then saluted. "Great, I shall soon be ready." He replied. The soldier turned around and began walking towards his horse. Next to the door propped against the wall was his sword, shield, and scailmail. Kneeling down he picked up his armor and put it to his chest. "Here honey." Said his wife, as he began to stand up, and she fastened the straps of his armor. "Thank you, my love." He said, kissing her on the lips after the task was completed of suiting up.

Within the mean time, the son had already ran up stairs and back down with his replica wooden sword, shield, and cloth head bandana with the Paekjaen royal symbol on the front. "Reporting for duty, daddy!" The child said, with his gear slightly too big for him. The parents looked at eachother and smile, laughing on the inside at the cuteness of their beloved child. "Attention soldier!" The fathered exclaimed, his son following the order immediatly, as if he were one of his troops.

"You know our duty! It is to protect and serve each member of our nation! Whether it be the king himself or a peasant. We shall protect all their rights, without fear of reprisal! Each man and woman shall have their voice heard! They will feel safe under our protection! Each man or woman shall have the right to exist. We will protect them with our lives!"