Board :Tales of the People
Author :Archon Iyagi
Subject :A night in my Village - Lostwind
Date :1/13

                   A night in my Village

   It was in the dead of night and we heard them blundering our direction. The entire village scattered every one Fled to the Trees. Most would have thought it was in terror but alas it was not. We were ready.  On The outskirts of the Village in the the surrounding Treeline we had prepared and arsenal of weapons to protect our home from an Invasion.
     My Father Crouched Sword in hand to my Left, My mother to my right with her bow. Still unable to see those that were invading we waited. The air was stagnant, an uneasy feeling came from not knowing what came our way. We had heard of a rogue group of ogres just south of our Village days before. Invade hordes we could easily annihilate.  
    Time seemed to be passing slowly.   I could hear my heart beating in my chest, fearing I would give away our location. I tried to think of the night being over. Then, Suddenly the silence was broken. The first of the pack Came barreling full Charge at the huts.  It was the ogres. A sense of relief came over me as I readied my spike. This was to be a Grand fight our homes were ours to defend ,and we  would momentarily. For now we watched, the first few ogres raided the most centered huts of the village which surrounded our well. They came out with confused looks upon their faces. You could hear them  grunt and growl to the rest of the pack.
      That was our Queue the rest the villagers prepared everyone was up on their feet and stealthy.  The Ogre rest of the pack filled the Village and as the last ones gathered toward the center of town they began drinking from our well, We attacked. The onslaught Began the Arrows were released first Stunning the in there places. Some under a sleep sell unable to move others cursed and weakened. As the archers reloaded the rest of us lead the attack for our face to face battles with these vile creatures. They had no chance our tactics were precise. The battle did not last very long with a few lashes of the blade many fell. I Managed to Take on the leader of the Group he was stunned and surprised that we had not ran as they thought we had.
        The Leader was very large and had a strange glow about him.  I raised my shield deflecting the mesmerizing glow, taking a few steps forward our battle ensued. I Swung my spike and he grabbed it, I swung my shield hard into his arm breaking hold. As he tried to Grab the Shield with his free hand I swung my Spike again and I'm not sure what came over me. But, from the depths of my soul I Charged with i mighty Roar of my own, "THIS IS MY HOME!!".   I landed a death blow to the side of his head knocking him to the ground killing him. The battle ended he was the last to fall. Now was time to clean up and prepare for another night fall.